IT stands behind Biotecch in near future



In the near future IT stands beyond Biotechnology. Because of vast botanical background of india, Biotech will be trmandously improved. In the coming future, Biotechnology is nothing but keeping  the extracts of micromes, animals and plants for the welfare of the human beings in a commercial way. The fermentaytion is a part of biotechnology process. Different experts of different branches of science are doing researches in the field of BT. Almost all expects of molicular biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacutical branch have to borrow the technology from BT only.

The specifications like Agricultural biotechnology now a days are of very much important persons. Broad development is being achieved in the full. The specialisation of medical biotechnology is very much important because of its invention of various viruses, bacteria and genitical constitution and their role in the medical field. The students who study Biotechnology have ample opportunities to do their research work on various sprectums of medical field. The specialisationb in industrial biotechnology is of very much useful for the Biotech students. The environmental biotechnology is another interesting branch where the knowledge of biotechnology is being used.

In all the above branches of medical and engineering spheres, the students of Biotechnology are being preferred when compared to all other subjects. In India biotechnology experts are very few. For last decade this technology is expanding very rapidly in the world. By genetical modifications, we can produce very profitable production in the field of Biotechnology. So, we can expect good number of experts in the coming future in Biotech. Moreover the students who studied biotechnology

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